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Abbot’s Lea School appoints four new members of staff

Left to right: Jamie Adeniran, Ross Pendleton, Micha Grimshaw and Claire Caddick who have joined Abbot’s Lea School


Abbot’s Lea School in Woolton has welcomed four new members to its team, including one former student.

The school specialises in highest quality holistic education for young people with autism and associated complex learning and social needs. It currently employs some 120 staff and is striving to be an international centre of excellence in autism education, research and professional development.

Joining the strategic leadership team is Micah Grimshaw. A fully qualified and experienced special education teacher, she takes on a role of the head of autism research and development, being responsible for creating, implementing and promoting the school’s autism research and development strategy.

She will also lead the school’s traded services aimed at providing a range of training and outreach opportunities to other organisations. In addition, she will positively influence and drive forward new autism research initiatives as well as working to promote acceptance of neurodiversity in society.

Claire Caddick has joined the school as a job coach. Claire, who has previously undertaken careers roles for St Helen’s Chamber of Commerce and Princes Trust, will assess and support students who require additional guidance and help to access pre-employment programmes and secure employment.

She will build on the school’s current successful supported internship programme, creating partnerships with new employers and diversifying the school’s future post-16 offer educational offer.

Former student of Abbot’s Lea, Ross Pendleton has taken on an apprenticeship and is a part of the school’s business support team as an administrator apprentice. He has already become a vital member of staff and can often be found at reception where he meets and greets visitors.

Finally, Jamie Adeniran has joined Abbot’s Lea School as an apprentice caretaker. Jamie is working alongside the facilities team to ensure the site and buildings operate safely and efficiently. Jamie has a varied role including grounds maintenance, internal maintenance and organising resources.

Headteacher of Abbot’s Lea School, Mrs Ania Hildrey, said: “We are delighted to diversify our organisational structure and create unconventional and highly unique job roles to meet the needs of the school and its stakeholders.

“I am particularly pleased about our delivering on the promise to create employment opportunities for young people with autism. To welcome Ross to the team of staff is not only symbolic of his own personal journey, but also of the changing times in our society.

“As a growing organisation serving children and young people of Liverpool, we are dedicated to employing the very best personnel and offering careers to people from all walks of life.”

2 thoughts on “Abbot’s Lea School appoints four new members of staff

  1. Anthony connor
    March 1, 2019 at 5:51 pm

    Your school is awesome keep up the great work hopefully one day I can join your great team

  2. Julie Pendleton
    March 1, 2019 at 10:55 pm

    Before Ross was given this opportunity he was a isolated young man who lacked in self confidence and suffered with severe anxiety. Ania along with her team believed in Ross’ ability, he is now a confident, happy young man, who’s gaining valuable experience and working towards a qualification.. With the correct support and placement opportunities young people with learning difficulties are able to achieve and live a fulfilling life.

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