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What advice would you give A-level students?

Guest blogger, Michelle Dow shares her thoughts

Educate Magazine continues its look ahead of the A-level results this Thursday and GCSEs next Thursday when we speak to Michelle Dow, managing director, All About STEM for some words of advice for pupils awaiting their results.

What would you say to your former 18-year-old self when it comes to A-level/BTEC results day?

I didn’t do A-levels but my 18-year-old self was in her third year of an apprenticeship.

What would you say to your former 16-year-old self when it comes to GCSE results day?

Your lucky socks will have nothing to do with your results* it was your hard work that got the grades!


How did you celebrate your results/that moment?

I couldn’t wait to tell my mum and dad and start on my adventure into the world of work.

What piece of advice you’d give?

Focus on what you want to do, not what those around you are doing and remember the path to your destination might not always be straight!

Advice you wish you’d known

Employers value attitude as much, if not more than exam results.

How did you find your career route?

I did an apprenticeship, and I worked my way up a large organisation that gave me all the skills to start my own business. Being an entrepreneur has its risks but the rewards are worth it!

Most important thing to remember on results day?

Good or bad results do not define your destination – your attitude and what you choose to do next is key.

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