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Inaugural school Quidditch finals

Enrich Education, Quidditch UK and Quidditch Premier League are delighted to announce that Liverpool Hope University will host the very first UK primary school quidditch final.

The North West has been selected for this event, due to the popularity of the sport within primary schools across the area. The tournament will take place on Saturday 6 July.

Four schools will compete in the landmark event, with the winners being crowned the first ever Northern Schools Quidditch Champions. The schools competing are: St Aloysius Catholic Primary School, Wharton Primary School, Evelyn Community Primary and Woodheys Primary School.

“Enrich Education is delighted to have delivered on the aim of introducing school quidditch tornaments” said Enrich Educate Director Matthew Vaudrey. “Quidditch is proving really popular. It is a fast, physical, fun sport that engages and encourages all pupils to be active. The potential for the growth of youth quidditch across the UK is huge and creating opportunities for young people.”

QuidditchUK is the official governing body of quidditch in the United Kingdom and is affiliated with the International Quidditch Association.

“QuidditchUK are excited to see our sport growing and expanding” said QuidditchUK President Matt Bateman. “This upcoming tournament sets an incredibly important milestone, acting as a testament to the hard work done in getting quidditch into more schools and youth communities. As quidditch enters its thirteenth year, it is now played across youth, university students and graduates alike. We are excited to see regular youth competitions contribute to the development of quidditch and ultimately, the growth of our athletic community in years to come.”

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