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Nostalgic trip to 1930s Britain

Time travelling care home residents and primary school pupils took a trip back to the 1930s to celebrate Dementia Action Week.

Youngsters from Blacklow Brow School dressed in pre-WW2 clothing for the activity at Aaron Grange Care Home, in Huyton.

Museum-led dementia awareness programme, House of Memories made a special visit to the home to bring memorabilia for a reminiscence session.

The pupils, aged four and five, explored the items with elderly residents and their family members, who told them about their memories of using them when they were children.

Among the memorabilia was a chamber pot, which the children were surprised to learn was kept under the bed and used as a toilet.

Resident Les Storey, 80, demonstrated a toy he used to play with as a young boy, which the pupils then enjoyed using themselves.

Amy Muscatelli, activities co-ordinator at Aaron Grange Care Home, said: “Reminisce sessions like this can have a profound impact on those with dementia, bringing back memories from their childhoods, hobbies and jobs which can improve their general mood and wellbeing.

“We were delighted the children from Blacklow Brow School were able to join us for the activity and their costumes were amazing. They thoroughly enjoyed discussing the items with the residents and learning about how they were used.

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