• Planet Earth II (DVD)

Planet Earth II (DVD)

Presented by David Attenborough
By BBC’s Natural History Unit
Verdict: ***** By Andy Kelly

It’s been ten years since the eleven part Planet Earth was released. Now the BBC’s film units have returned with the latest technology including motion stabilizers to recapture the natural world. The results are far more than just eye candy though, David Attenborough’s narration fills the screen time with informative facts without ever making you feel like you’re being bombarded or distracted from what you’re viewing. Still Planet Earth II reveals some remarkable facts about the jungle which we’re told covers just 6% of the earths’ surface but accounts for 50% of all land based plants and animals. In some jungles just 2% of the sun’s light reaches the ground and one third of spider monkeys die before reaching adulthood. Attenborough also injects a little humour into his narrative a points one little humming bird he says “goes to great lengths” to avoid conflict.
In terms of who can watch this, I’d say the series is suitable for all round family viewing, and there is little blood or gore so young children should be okay, a few upsetting scenes though in episodes 5 and 6.

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