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Teachers’ health and wellbeing in mind

CER Liverpool hosted a health and wellbeing open day for trainee teachers at their Liverpool offices to focus on teachers’ health and wellbeing.

Throughout the day the teachers took part in a number of activities including how to manage your workload for a healthy work/life balance whilst training; how to manage personal stress, breathing and meditation techniques, and a chance to listen to a Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) talk by a trained NLP coach.

There was also a chance for the trainee teachers to meet with their experienced team of education consultants to discuss teaching opportunities for September 2019.

Tce McCann, director at North West CER Education said: “CER puts the health and wellbeing of all their staff at the top of the agenda – believing that the groundwork of all happiness is created from good health.

“The day included everything from a holistic teachings methods, massage and mindfulness techniques, in addition to NLP on how to be the best performer in the classroom that you can.

“I would like to say thank you to all who attended and please look out for the next health and wellbeing event”.

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