• Tony Saleh

Tony Saleh from Clarence High School

Tony Saleh from Clarence High School

One thing I wished I had learned at school:
I wish I’d learned that academic success isn’t everything in life. The holistic development of the person enabling she/he to become a functioning, valuable, contributing member of society is equally as valuable as academic achievement for its own sake.
The book I haven’t read that I must:
The autobiography of Tiger Woods – an absolutely inspirational sportsman who took golf to another level. His sheer single-mindedness along with his talent was awesome.
The education story that has caught my eye:
The cuts in education spending is something that really worries me. The only result will be bigger classes and the people most affected by that are the children. We should be investing in our future, not making cuts.

What I am most proud of about our school:
I am extremely proud of my staff at Clarence High School. In my 34 years in education I have never worked with such a dedicated, talented and compassionate group of people. The young people here receive the very best of care and education here in every aspect of their school-life.

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