Banishing lockdown boredom (part 3)

With a boundless ability to store photos on mobile phones or back them up to the cloud, we rarely bother to create printed photo albums anymore. Life during lockdown has created more time at home for everyone, and if you are looking for ideas on how to keep teens, or even yourself entertained, a photo book project could be just the thing.

A photo book is the perfect project to channel your child’s creativity into. It is also a marvellous way to mix memories together in one place that you can keep forever. To add to this many of us are currently separated from our extended family and friends. How great a gift would a photo book make for grandparents and, if it arrived by post, what a wonderful surprise too!

A picture paints a thousand words as the saying goes and looking back at photos from happier times can prompt a myriad of memories, making this the perfect project to lift spirits.

Creating the perfect photo book needs planning and you need to decide what you would like your final collection of photos to say. A few ideas to inspire you or your teen:

Live Life Happy

Create a book of photos of all the things in life that make you happy. This could be a personal or family collection.

A Year in the Life Of

Celebrate your past year as a family by filling the book with holiday snaps, favourite activities, fun times, Christmas, birthday celebrations, and any other memorable moments from the past year.

A Gift for Grandparents

Create a collection of photographs to celebrate a grandma, grandad or both grandparents by bringing together a book filled with photographs to let them know how special they are.

Find Joy in the Ordinary

Get super creative and curate a collection of photos of ordinary things that you make extraordinary by cropping or adding colour contrasts, filters, frames etc. For a teenager with Instagram skills this is sure to get their creative juices flowing.

Look on the Bright Side

At a time when there is so much to feel negative about why not encourage your teenager to pick out all the best photos from everyone’s mobile phones in the family and create a collection of the most positive moments. This may take some time to scroll through photos on phones, and maybe photos organised or stored elsewhere, but it would make an incredibly inspirational book to keep as a family.

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