Making choices post-16

For most Year 11 students, the beginning of 2022 will bring a period of serious contemplation and even some uncertainty making choices post-16 and about what road they should take if they are to stay in full-time education. After a lifetime of guidance from schools and parents, this time can be

Looking to the future

The climate crisis is top of the agenda for governments around the world but those most affected by the crisis, children and future generations, rarely have a voice in the discussion. They will face challenges that can’t even be imagined as they try to repair the damage done to the planet.

Careers Explored: PUBLIC RELATIONS

Have you ever wondered how a business or organisation builds or maintains its reputation? Well, it is through public relations - or PR for short. PR is all about how organisations communicate with the public, promote themselves, and build a positive reputation and public image. The Public Relations and Communications Association

Careers explored: Mental health matters

As a nation, we are talking more openly about mental health. The stigma that was once attached has diminished rapidly thanks to national and world-wide campaigns which have encouraged us all to speak up. With members of the royal family, celebrities and athletes speaking about their own struggles, seeking help