Careers explored – Green is the colour

As the UK strives to recover from the pandemic and with unemployment rising, there is the chance to create millions of new jobs which support the UK’s net-zero carbon targets. Recently, the UK government announced its ambition to create more ‘green jobs’ and launched a Green Jobs Taskforce in a bid

Careers explored: Spotlight on Nursing

The outpouring of support and pride towards our national health service (NHS) over the past few months has been incredible. The valuable work of key workers in this sector certainly didn’t go unnoticed, so much so we stood outside our homes every Thursday evening at 8pm to clap our respects

Careers Explored – teaching as a career

Teaching, as a career, can be incredibly rewarding. You become a superhero of the classroom - inspiring and shaping the young minds of the next generation. Even outside of these four walls, your support is often called upon by pupils and students you are nurturing and in turn, you may