Careers Explored: PUBLIC RELATIONS

Have you ever wondered how a business or organisation builds or maintains its reputation? Well, it is through public relations - or PR for short. PR is all about how organisations communicate with the public, promote themselves, and build a positive reputation and public image. The Public Relations and Communications Association

Careers explored: Mental health matters

As a nation, we are talking more openly about mental health. The stigma that was once attached has diminished rapidly thanks to national and world-wide campaigns which have encouraged us all to speak up. With members of the royal family, celebrities and athletes speaking about their own struggles, seeking help

Careers Explored: Constructing your future

Construction is a vast industry with a wealth of different careers that can be entered via a number of different pathways. By working in this sector, you become part of the driving force behind building projects of all sizes. From bricklaying and joinery to quantity surveying and construction management, the job

Choosing the right subjects for your future

Two in five students at university say they would have made the right subjects choice had they had better access to higher quality information and advice in school. As a result, one in five students couldn’t study a degree subject that interested them because they didn’t have the right subjects

Careers explored – Green is the colour

As the UK strives to recover from the pandemic and with unemployment rising, there is the chance to create millions of new jobs which support the UK’s net-zero carbon targets. Recently, the UK government announced its ambition to create more ‘green jobs’ and launched a Green Jobs Taskforce in a bid