Knowsley holds first ever Schools Climate Change Summit

Young people from across Knowsley came together for the first ever Knowsley Schools Climate Change Summit, following the borough’s declaration of a Climate Change Emergency. The event was hosted at a secondary school in Knowsley, with pupils and teachers from every school in the borough invited to come together and hear

Narnia comes to Rudston Primary School

Visitors to Rudston Primary School in Wavertree were recently invited to step inside the wardrobe and share the magical world of Narnia while celebrating the amazing work by pupils from Bright Stars and Rudston Primary School. Rudston Primary School opened their wonderful immersive exhibition celebrating the classic book of The Lion,

Britpop lives on thanks to LIPA Sixth Form College

LIPA Sixth Form College (LSFC) students have done their bit to ensure Britpop lives on following a celebration of the music in Liverpool ONE shopping centre. The free gig marked the 25th anniversary of the musical movement being at its peak in the mid-90s, with LSFC students performing songs by Blur, Oasis

Formby get into ‘The Groove’

Formby High School recently presented their annual dance show ‘The Groove’ which took place at the school’s creative and culture home, The Atkinson, in Southport. And this year’s performance delivered a whole host of styles, genres and narratives on stage – from middle eastern genies, the ‘Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’,

Teaching conflict resolution in the classroom

The Trinity Catholic Primary School, located in the heart of North Liverpool, one of the city’s most deprived areas, recently marked its completion of an effective programme for teaching conflict resolution in the classroom. Similar to many other schools across the country that find themselves in a similar position, headteacher, Rebecca