Reflecting on ‘Being Human’

Today, a free exhibition called 'Being Human' by renowned sculptor and artist, Peter Walker, was launched at Liverpool Cathedral.  The exhibition features four interactive art installations that explore what it means to be human.  Peter Walker said: “The whole idea is to talk about what it means to be human in a

Liverpool Cathedral to hold free exhibition

A free exhibition, designed to make people reflect on what it means to be human, will be held this summer at Liverpool Cathedral.  The exhibition is called ‘Being Human’, and is part of a two-year programme of events, exhibitions and artworks leading up to Liverpool Cathedral’s 100th anniversary, which is in 2024.  It

Western Approaches HQ – Liverpool’s unique underground WW2 Bunker

Beneath the streets of Liverpool lies one of the most important sites of the Second World War. On a par with the Cabinet War Rooms or Bletchley Park, Western Approaches HQ was the top-secret headquarters for the fight against Nazi Germany that remains almost untouched with a wealth of stories and

China’s First Emperor and the Terracotta Warriors

Since becoming parents my husband and I have unintentionally started a new hobby which basically involves going to places and events with the kids and spending the whole time talking about how good a place it would be to go to without the kids. This is usually because around 85% of