Nadine Carroll, headteacher at Whitefield Primary School, Everton

Nadine Carroll describes her headteaching approach at Whitefield Primary School as “hands-on,” as she works alongside a senior leadership team to create a family atmosphere at the school and get involved in the wide range of weekly activities. Whilst every week is different in her busy role, Nadine provides an

Fiona Wood, headteacher, Netherton Moss Primary School, Bootle

Netherton Moss Primary School picked up the Outstanding Arts in a Primary School award for the second year at the recent Educate Awards. Fiona Wood not only provides an insight into how music and creativity plays a part in the school’s day-to-day routine, but also shares her busy schedule during

Anne Daniels, headteacher at Carleton House

If you’ve ever wondered what day-to-day life is like for the head of a primary school, here’s where you can find out. Anne Daniels, headteacher at Carleton House gave us a peek into her diary. Monday Monday starts with an assembly for the whole school. This always gets the week off to

Paul Cronin – headteacher, St Laurence’s Catholic Primary School, Kirkby

Ever wondered how a primary school headteacher spends their time? We catch up with Paul Cronin, headteacher at St Laurence’s Catholic Primary School in Kirkby to find out. Monday: My working day starts at 7am and the school opens to students at 7.30am every day for breakfast club. The week always starts with