Why government must crack down on unregistered alternative provision schools

James Madine - Managing director at Progress Education. Progress Schools is part of Progress Education, one of the UK’s leading providers of alternative education and careers support for young people of secondary school age. We are a national organisation with 12 independent secondary schools in operation. The young people we

Care of duty for our children

With so much in the news lately about children’s screen time and impact of time spent on line, a report published in November warns about the collection of data and the duty of care internet giants should have in relation to young people. Should we be asking whether the internet

Early GCSE exam entry

Around 30,000 Year 10 students, according to data from Ofqual, were entered in the English Literature GCSE exam this year, up on the previous year’s number. We asked the views of secondary school headteachers in the Liverpool City Region (LCR) whether entering students early for the GCSE English Literature or

Promoting good mental health

Is enough being done to help schools, primary and secondary, provide the best support for children’s mental health and wellbeing? How important for children today is this support, and what further investment or help would you like to see? Ken Heaton, headteacher, Florence Melly Community Primary School  There is an increasing number