Levi Tafari

Levi Tafari - Writer, poet, performer and “Urban Griot” Levi Tafari was born and raised in Toxteth by his Jamaican parents. He attended catering college, where he studied classical French cuisine and graduated with distinction. In the early 1980s, while working as a caterer, he started attending the Liverpool 8 Writers

Eating disorders and our youngsters

Earlier this year figures released from the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) showed the biggest rise in people with eating disorders admitted to hospital is among youngsters aged 10-19. The most common age for girls is 15-years-old and for boys just 13-years-old. Whilst these figures are alarming they

E-Learning: A game changer for schools?

With the increasing introduction of iPads and tablets into schools for every pupil, what do the panel think will happen over the next 12 months? – Is it essential that each pupil has access to an iPad or tablet as an integral part of their learning? The adoption of mobile technology

Longer days and shorter holidays for pupils?

Education Secretary Michael Gove has said that schools should have longer school days and shorter holidays, as the education system is being “handicapped” by a 19th century timetable, when we had an agricultural economy and the majority of mums stayed at home. Does the current system leave pupils at a

Teenagers must master English and maths

Teenagers who fail to score at least a Grade C in English and maths GCSEs will have to continue studying the subjects, the government has confirmed. Up until now, pupils have been able to drop the subjects at the age of 16 without having gained a qualification in them. Is