Government’s planned welfare reform

Government’s planned welfare reform, what do the changes mean for free school meals? More than 350,000 children will lose their free school meals under the Government’s radical plans to reform welfare entitlement next year, an analysis by the Children’s Society has warned. The report argues that the system does not need

Should competitive school sports be compulsory?

All primary school children in England will be required to play competitive sports, the Prime Minister David Cameron has said. The announcement comes in the wake of the very successful London 2012 Olympic Games. Team GB’s sporting brilliance at the Olympics and Paralympics should be harnessed to inspire the next

Are we failing our children’s health?

A recent study has revealed that more than a third of children about to leave primary school are obese or overweight and the numbers are rising. The figures suggest there has been little progress in the drive to keep weight down. What needs to be done? More than a third of

Ofsted no-notice inspection

Ofsted announces plans for no-notice inspection for schools. Ofsted’s new Chief Inspector, Sir Michael Wilshaw, has announced plans to introduce no-notice inspections for all regular school inspections from September 2012. Arguments say that this will put undue pressure on teachers not knowing when the inspectors will visit their schools. Ofsted has been

Will Free Schools help to raise standards of education for our children?

Free Schools are all-ability state-funded schools set up in response to what local people say they want and need in order to improve education for children in their community. What will their impact be and will they help to raise standards? The most important thing for any parent is to be