Book reviews for 5-8 years

The International Yeti Collective - Paul Mason £6.99 The book follows an epic adventure with big feet and an even bigger heart! Ella is in the Himalayas with her uncle searching for yeti. But what seems like the adventure of a lifetime is cut short when she realizes that these secretive creatures

Book Review – Teenage Fiction

The Toll - Neal Shusterman £7.99 It's been three years since Rowan and Citra disappeared; since Scythe Goddard came into power; since the Thunderhead closed itself off to everyone but Grayson Tolliver. In this pulse-pounding finale to Neal Shusterman’s internationally bestselling trilogy, constitutions are tested and old friends are brought back

Book Review – 9-12 Years Fiction

I, Cosmo - Carlie Sorosiak £4.99 The story of one dog's attempt to save his family, become a star, and eat a lot of bacon. Cosmo's family is falling apart. And it's up to Cosmo to keep them together. He knows exactly what to do. There's only one problem. Cosmo is

Book Review – 5-8 Years

The Curse of the School Rabbit - Judith Kerr £9.99 The brand new, laugh-out-loud story of a boy, a rabbit, and a lot of bad luck, from the one and only Judith Kerr. It all started with the school rabbit... Snowflake is the school rabbit, and Snowflake is trouble. At least

Book Review – 5-8 Years

Mister Cleghorn’s Seal - Judith Kerr £6.99 What do you do if you find an abandoned seal pup on a rock in the middle of the sea? Well, take it home with you to your flat, of course. At least that's what Mr Albert Cleghorn thought, though perhaps he hadn't considered