A feast of fun for all families

With autumn having started and holidays to follow, the Everyman and Playhouse theatres have some upcoming events for families to look forward to. At the Playhouse this Saturday (1 October), REEL Tours will have screenings Encanto at noon and Hocus Pocus at 4.30pm on Disney Day. Families are also invited to come dressed as their favourite character from either movie, as the

New Europe walking tour in Liverpool

Every new place you visit in itself is an adventure. How you treat this adventure is up to you. How often do we walk past a tall, gothic building without a second glance? Every village, town and city has a history, which we may not know much about. Just taking

Review: Finger Shark

Our hands and fingers do so much for us. Writing in exercise books, typing on computers…everyday tasks that most of us have come accustomed to since primary school. But some conditions make activities like writing and typing uncomfortable. People with hypermobility (often diagnosed as low muscle tone), for example, may struggle

Home entertainment – games review

ProdigyFrom Prodigy Educationwww.prodigygame.com Prodigy is used by more than 50 million students, teachers and educators worldwide, it is a completely free maths coaching game for children 6-12 years of age. Prodigy focuses on each student’s different learning potential to aid with maths learning. Their interactive games and puzzles are designed to help