Springwell Park Primary School inspires reading amongst pupils

Springwell Park Primary School in Bootle is continually finding new ways to encourage more pupils to pick up a good book.  The school’s English lead, Tom Hanlon, looked at what staff can do to inspire pupils to read more. Looking beyond traditional posters and displays on walls, Tom instead chose to transform the school’s Key Stage Two staircase into ‘reading stairs’.  Each step has had the title of must-read books printed on

Tree-mendous effort from Plantation Primary School

Staff and pupils from Plantation Primary School in Knowsley are celebrating the news that they have been selected as one of 80 schools nationally to become ‘Tree Champions’ with the Tree Council.  The school has been working closely with the Tree Council on its tree champions campaign to help children and young people learn to speak confidently and

“Giornata Mondiale Della Terra” – The Alsop Italian Connection

Alsop High School and partner primary schools received a beautiful video from school children from a primary school in Modena, Italy. The film celebrates Earth Day and the children share stimulating thoughts about how people can protect our environment and safeguard our planet.  Alsop has continued to develop a partnership with schools in Modena throughout

Liverpool school chosen for Ofsted pilot

Abbot's Lea School has taken part in a pilot for Ofsted which will help inspectors learn about the new inspection framework that will be used from September 2021.  The Woolton school saw this as an exceptional opportunity to help Ofsted shape its inspection of special schools and also to use it to learn about

Students environment project reaps rewards

A fantastic opportunity was grasped by a group of Year 8 environmental students from Maricourt Catholic High School thanks to Mrs Ashby, the school’s science technician and students Charlie Carr, Neve Rice, Finn McCann, Hannah Welch and William Gilbert and its Naturescape Group. In the wooded area at the front of