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My School Days with Louise Tipping, principal at Winstanley College

To celebrate the upcoming Educate Awards ceremony, we asked our award sponsors to share their ‘School Days’ with Educate Magazine. Louise Tipping, principal at Winstanley College shares everything from her favourite teacher to school dinners…


My School: St Michael’s Grammar School, Lurgan

My Favourite Teacher: Mrs Grant, the drama teacher – she was inspiring and encouraged us to think outside the box!

My Favourite Subject at School: English

Were you streetwise or a bit of a geek? A bit of a Bronte-reading geek.

My Favourite Childhood Singer/Band: The Undertones – they were so cool!

My Favourite Extra-Curricular Activity: Debating – we Irish love a good argument.

Do you remember your first school crush? Feargal Sharkey

My Favourite Book: Wuthering Heights

School Dinners: Thumbs up, the custard was amazing!

My Ambitions at School: To be a teacher like my dad.

Favourite Educate Awards moment:  Last year’s amazing choir!

What do you love most about the awards ceremony? It celebrates our young people – all their hard work and ambition.


To find out more about Winstanley College, visit www.winstanley.ac.uk

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