Revolutionising supply in UK schools

Unexpected teacher absences can throw classrooms into chaos. Finding qualified replacements quickly is essential, but traditional agencies are expensive and inconsistent.

SupplyWell offers a better solution for schools, teachers, and parents.

Founded by educators, SupplyWell understands school’s needs and the importance of maintaining a stable learning environment. Its innovative approach combines exceptional service with AI to connect schools with high quality supply educators.

What sets SupplyWell apart?

• Predictive staffing: Being reactive is expensive, being proactive is cost effective. Using its innovative Absence AI™, SupplyWell analyses anonymised school absence data across the academic year, identifying key trends. This data-driven approach helps predict upcoming absences from which SupplyWell can build a flexible workforce of quality educators specifically for that school or multi academy trust. This ensures a seamless transition when a teacher needs to be replaced, minimising disruption for students.

• Time and cost saving: SupplyWell’s subscription model eliminates daily and non-transparent fees. Schools not only make great savings but also free up valuable time spent finding day to day supply.

• Exceptional educator talent: SupplyWell boasts a 93% retention rate of educators in long term placements, significantly exceeding the industry average. This reduces the burden of finding replacements and establishes continuity for students.

Benefits for educators:

• Pay to scale from day one: SupplyWell recognises the value educators bring from the moment they step into the classroom and make sure their pay reflects that. Plus, its flexible workforce model guarantees income even on days without placements. • Professional development: Its online platform “Teachers Matter” offers access to CPD resources and online events.

• 24/7 support with health assured: Educators have free access to medical, legal, and financial specialists.

A win-win for everyone:

Prioritising student learning and teacher wellbeing, benefits the whole school community. Schools gain reliable teachers, reduced costs, and minimised disruption.

Educators enjoy career progression, competitive pay, and support. Parents can trust their children will receive consistent, high-quality education even during teacher absences.

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