Creating actionable safeguarding policies crucial for student wellbeing, CPOMS urges 

Reports of several serious safeguarding concerns and incidents from schools across England and Wales appear to be on the rise, according to recent data. A 2024 report by The Observer found an alarming rise in cases of sexual assaults on children by schoolmates, with an 81 per cent rise in reported incidents that took place on school property.

The NGA 2023 Annual Governance Survey also found that safeguarding concerns have increased for 56 per cent of schools and trusts over the past 12 months. The survey highlighted the increasing complexities that schools and trusts are facing when it comes to safeguarding concerns, including high rates of bullying, cyberbullying, domestic abuse and self-harm.

In light of these reports, CPOMS, the UK’s market-leading provider of safeguarding software, has launched a Premium Cases and Forms module to support staff across education and related settings in creating actionable student wellbeing policies. The enhancement is designed to transform how safeguarding leads construct cases to yield more focused information, keener insights and positive outcomes for children.

In parallel with the launch of this new module, the company is rebranding its flagship product CPOMS as CPOMS StudentSafe, signifying the product’s holistic approach to enabling the protection of the wellbeing of children across educational settings.

The CPOMS StudentSafe platform with the Premium Custom Forms and Cases module allows safeguarding leads and administrators to create their own forms and cases and update any forms to align with best practices, changes, or policy developments. The advanced software module allows any concern or incident to be escalated directly into a case, streamlining workflows and keeping all related information together.

The new module is in line with CPOMS’ aim of providing staff with the tools to enact effective safeguarding policies by establishing clear actionable steps and procedures. Ultimately, the platform aims to ease reporting and record-keeping burdens, while promoting effective safeguarding practices and procedures that can be easily evidenced, monitored and maintained.

John Wild, managing director at CPOMS,  said: “The recent data regarding the rise in sexual assault cases is a stark reminder of the importance of having effective student wellbeing policies in place. Protecting the wellbeing of vulnerable children is a vital duty of care where there is very little margin for error – it’s imperative that education staff feel supported and can meet requirements to report on and manage any incidents effectively.

“Whilst clear policy statements around key issues are valuable to establish, effectively protecting children from harm requires putting these policies into practice. Staff must have the means to implement these policies effectively, adapting them as needed to reflect best practices and evolving requirements.  

“CPOMS StudentSafe, with its new Premium Forms and Cases module, is a step forward in achieving this goal, aiming to bridge any gaps and enhance the safety and wellbeing of students across the educational spectrum.”.” 

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