New report suggests children still suffering from pandemic’s impact

A new report outlining the state of children’s rights in Britain has urged the United Nations to review areas of concern. The Equality and Human Rights Commission’s (EHRC) report outlines the state of children’s rights in Britain and forms part of the UN’s system for monitoring the Convention on the Rights of

Channel 4 launches virtual work experience programme

Channel 4 has launched an online work experience programme to encourage young people to target a career in the broadcast industry. 4Skills Work Experience is a free virtual programme run by the broadcaster and GetMyFirstJob that will help young people match their skills to a potential career in the creative industries. Aimed

‘Will more maths improve society?’ UNESCO says there are other ways

Statistics recently published by UNESCO showed that 771 million adults globally are illiterate, which the organisation says indicates a crisis in foundational learning, literacy and numeracy skills among young learners. About a third of children and adolescents worldwide cannot read and do basic maths, and it was recently reported that eight

Defibrillator rollout to schools begins

Today (20 January 2023) defibrillators are starting to be delivered to all state-funded schools in England that do not currently have a life-saving device.  Last year, the government committed to supplying state-funded schools across England with defibrillators to make sure there is a device in every school.  It follows campaigning from the