Student who has never missed school presented with award from Wigan Council

A former student at St John Fisher Catholic High School in Wigan has received a certificate from Wigan Council for achieving 100 per cent attendance consistently for 12 years – her whole school experience.

Libby Gibson left St John Fisher last summer without having one day off school since she started in reception class at St Mary and St John Catholic Primary School. This equals to 2280 days of school attendance.

Headteacher of St John Fisher, Mrs Rigby, and the school’s attendance and punctuality officer, Mrs Bates, presented Libby with her award.

Speaking about Libby’s achievement, Mrs Rigby said: “To have full attendance all the way through her education career is a magnificent achievement and it also, I think, sets her up for the future because not only has she never missed a day’s learning; it also trains her up for the world of work.

“It just shows utter commitment, her resilience and her determination to do well. We’re really, really proud of her.”

Mrs Rigby said that she also shared Libby’s achievement with younger students at St John Fisher.

She added: “They are amazed. Libby is an inspiration to others.”

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