Dementia friendly

Dementia friendly, School becomes the first to be recognised. Holy Family Catholic Primary School, Liverpool has been named as the only Dementia Friendly school in the country.
Headteacher Mrs Davidson, said: “We are passionate about educating our children and our community about the disease. As a result, we were approached by Abigail Whelan, a film maker studying at Salford University, to make a film about Dementia and to encourage children to become a Dementia Friend.
“With our children being so knowledgeable about the subject our school was chosen and was launched at our special assembly.
For four years we have ensured that all our children have the training to be a Dementia Friend and, to encourage these skills, KS2 children visit our local Dementia care home once a week to talk to the residents and make a valuable contribution to our community.
“We work closely with the Alzheimer’s society and have spoken a few times on Radio to encourage others to become a Dementia Friend.
“We often take part in events organised by the Alzheimer’s society and are currently working very closely with the Alzheimer’s Global Youth Animation team who have asked our children to advise them on the scripts they want to use for an animation which they are in the early stages of making.
“This animation will then be sent out worldwide to help and it will target children aged between 7 – 11 years.

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