Inspire Learning Teaching School Hub welcomes 13 new quality assurance assessors

Inspire Learning Teaching School Hub (TSH), the designated hub for Liverpool and Wirral, has appointed 13 new quality assurance assessors.

The quality assurance assessors will work alongside Inspire Learning TSH in their Appropriate Body role.

Following the launch of a smallscale pilot programme in the 2022/23 academic year, which involved Early Career Teachers (ECTs) and induction tutors, Inspire Learning TSH has now taken on the Appropriate Body role, supporting ECTs across the two years of their statutory induction.

The Appropriate Body is a statutory function through which ECTs are formally assessed against the Teacher Standards. It has the main quality assurance role within the induction process.

The quality assurance assessors at Inspire Learning TSH each manage a caseload of ECTs across Liverpool and Wirral and verify the competence of ECTs at the end of every term, ensuring they are making the expected progress to pass the statutory induction successfully.

Director of the Inspire Learning TSH, Jane Kennedy, said: “The Appropriate Body ensures ECTs are monitored consistently and fairly and supports them throughout their two-year statutory induction.

“As the Appropriate Body, we have a robust system in place to ensure schools and their ECTs have access to the best support.”

Of the 13 new quality assurance assessors, there are two team leaders, one for primary and one for secondary schools. The rest of the team cover all phases and sectors within the system.

The team structure offers an additional layer of quality assurance.

In July 2023, the Department for Education announced that from September 2024, teaching school hubs will become the main provider of Appropriate Body services.

Jane added: “It is imperative that schools register ECTs with their local teaching school hub to ensure statutory processes are followed and ultimately enable ECTs to access the support they need to successfully pass their induction.”

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