How the Online Learning Environment Affected Students

Traditional education leaped into the future and became the norm for most of 2020. Students and teachers were expected to adapt overnight. They were virtually plunged into the deep end with remote learning. A year has passed since the start of the pandemic and the question on everyone’s lips is:

The new Model Music Curriculum has real strengths

By Chris Cobb, CEO, ABRSM The Department for Education’s (DfE) launch last month of a new Model Music Curriculum was an important public acknowledgement of the vital contribution that arts subjects make to the education and prospects of children today. It is also a vital step towards stemming the very significant decline

Simple, stress-free steps for schools to prevent COVID-19 transmission

By Professor Neil Bacon, Medical Director and CEO of JVS Health, developers of protective sanitiser GermErase offers simple, stress-free steps for schools. For more information, visit When schools re-opened at the beginning of March, teachers and students, whilst apprehensive, were glad to be back in familiar territory. However, school leadership

Five ways to help children reconnect

Dr Hazel Harrison, a clinical psychologist, says children urgently need support to connect - and reconnect - right now as they get used to the school day all over again and we ease out of lockdown.  But how do we help them? Dr Hazel has five simple steps teachers can take