SupplyWell launches innovative app to streamline supply for educators

Leading Liverpool-based EdTech company SupplyWell has launched its new app, designed to revolutionise the supply process for educators across the country.

Effortless registration and streamlined work management for educators

Built to simplify the registration process, qualified educators can now seek flexible work opportunities with just a few taps on their phones. 

The app allows users to register their details, upload necessary documentation, and set availability preferences, making it easier than ever to join SupplyWell’s Flexible Workforce.

SupplyWell: Empowering educators and streamlining costs for schools

SupplyWell’s mission is to ensure that teachers are paid what they’re worth, while making sure schools can cost effectively and proactively manage their staff absence. 

This innovative new app takes this one step further by giving educators more control and connecting them to Multi Academy Trusts (MATs) faster and easier.

Understanding educators’ needs: A seamless and empowering experience

Dan Price, chief operating officer and Supplywell co-founder, said: “We understand the unique challenges faced by supply educators.

“The app is a significant step forward in our mission to make supply work seamless and rewarding. By offering a user-friendly, mobile-first platform, SupplyWell empowers educators to manage their careers effectively, allowing them to focus on inspiring and educating students.”

Experience the freedom and flexibility of supply teaching

The app offers a seamless and efficient experience for educators, from sign-up to managing placements. 

Educators can experience the freedom and versatility of supply work, all managed through their phones. 

The app is available to download now for all Apple and Android devices.

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