A festival with a difference

Angel Solutions once again sourced a stellar line-up of speakers for their 2019 education festival.

RefreshED is an education festival with a difference holding talks and interactive workshops from leading, world-renowned education experts. With a focus on teacher wellbeing, mental health and curriculum, as well as Ofsted framework debunking, there was a pick and mix of workshop choices, with something to suit everyone.

The event featured the top world-renowned speakers such as ex-apprentice candidate Jaz Ampaw Farr, happiness speaker and comedienne Shonette Bason Wood and BBC documentary star and senior trainer Pran Patel.

Pran Patel has 15 years’ experience in education, mainly at secondary and university level and has also worked with primary schools through leading on transition.

Pran studied for his initial degree in physics at the University of Birmingham, later pursuing a career in teaching after falling in love with the profession. Upon completing a GTRP (placement) in a local school in Wolverhampton he held a variety of positions and responsibilities, including classroom teacher, lead coach, head of department, lead practitioner and as an assistant principal/headteacher.

Pran’s keynote speech was based on unconscious bias and about the issues and obstacles faced by teaching staff in today’s environment.

Pran said: “Funding is one of the main obstacles faced by teaching staff, it all comes down to funding, teacher well being is linked to funding, teacher skills is linked to funding.

“I love the fact everyone at the event was driven by a strong moral and core purpose. Driving to making the experience better for the pupils we serve”.

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