Six tips to make your Educate Awards entry stand out

The Educate Awards is back for another brilliant year and is excited to share some top tips from the judges on how to make your entries stand out. The deadline to enter is Sunday 26 June.

There are a few important changes to this year’s Educate Awards. Firstly, there is a brand new award category, Business Manager of the Year which celebrates business managers who are delivering exceptional professional leadership and management of a school or college.

Also, the previous ‘School Governor of the Year’ award now falls under the ‘School Support Star of the Year’ award.

And finally, everyone entering must include a 250-word summary along with their application.

It sounds simple enough, but choosing the right category to shine a spotlight on your school or college is an important element of the application which should not be overlooked.
One of the esteemed Educate Awards judges, Lesley Martin-Wright, reiterates this point, saying: “Don’t enter the same application for different award categories. Use this as an opportunity to be recognised for your school or college’s successes, ambition, effort or aspiration.”

Each award has key criteria which the judges will be looking for; whether it’s demonstrating what your school or college has done to improve students’ interest in sports or showing your creative and innovative approaches to guiding pupils towards future careers, following the entry instructions is fundamental to your entry success.

You are asked to support your entry submission with supporting evidence that highlights your success more thoroughly – however be aware of the 750-word limit!
As Educate Awards judge Chris Walker says: “Don’t be shy about banging the drum for your school or college, but be succinct in telling us why it should win an award.”
Along with your application, you also need to include a 250-word award summary of your entry. Failure to do this may result in your application being sent back or not considered for review by the judges, so make sure you include it!

As a school or college, when you work on a project from inception to completion, you know every detail, intention and outcome about why your project is award worthy. But for the judges, the entry pack they receive will be the first introduction to your school, college or project.
Try and think about your entry objectively, and examine whether it truly explains and provides evidence to support your submission.

Providing supporting materials in your entry is the best way to overcome that tricky word limit. Gary Millar, another judge, says: “Testimonials from children and young people are a great way to add value to your application.”
Another great way to get creative with your entry is to do a one-minute video pitch about why your school or college should be chosen.
Quotes from people involved and any visual elements such as photographs can really elevate an entry and make your submission stand out.

If you have any doubts about whether to get involved, Lesley Martin-Wright, urges you to enter. She says: “Do submit an application. This is one of the most empowering awards I have been involved in. Every word and every sentence conveys the importance and significance of our teaching profession – their passion, commitment and dedication to educate and inspire is simply overwhelming.”

Remember the deadline: Sunday 26 June 2022

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