A journey into adventure for Rudston

Pupils from Rudston Primary School along with their families and community came together to produce an exhibition based on the book ‘Journey’ by Aaron Becker.

Headteacher, Miss Wendy Walters, said: “The exhibition was an immersive set that exhibited every child’s piece of writing and artwork in a multi sensory way which included music the children had written in response to each page.

“It was a journey through a child’s bedroom, woodland glen, waterfall, castles, a hot air balloon ride, a cage, magic carpet ride ending back through the door to the street that the character lived in.

“Each year group took a different aspect of the book to study in depth and to represent in the exhibition, through their English focus work, visits, visitors and experiences.

“The children have had fun, thought hard, collaborated and produced work for this exhibition.”

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