A-levels return

From September 2018 the provision of A-levels will make a return to the borough of Knowsley with Knowsley Community College announcing the launch of a dedicated A Level Academy.

This re-introduction is being cited as just one of several benefits expected to be created by the merger between St Helens College and Knowsley Community College.

It forms part of the strategy for the merged college group to be responsive to the needs and demands of the community, enabling residents to have access to a quality, local provider.

St Helens College’s own A-level academy has gone from strength to strength in recent years and has a growing A-level offer complemented by a specialist Professional Skills Programme. The A-level provision will be further strengthened by some partnership working with Carmel College.

Knowsley Community College will be the home of this new A Level Academy which will offer over 21 subject areas to choose from, including traditional subjects such as English literature, English language and mathematics as well as more specialist subjects including politics, product design and computer science.

Dr Jette Burford, CEO of the new college group said: “This move to introduce A-levels back into the borough of Knowsley is a strategic one to ensure that we can equip local students with the opportunities that they require to succeed in their future careers.

“Our new college group will see us placed as the biggest education provider in the Liverpool City Region  (LCR) so it is one of our key priorities that we are well placed to meet the needs of residents, students and employers.

“This new A Level Academy is a place where students will receive focused, individualised support from tutors, smaller class sizes and an aspirational learning environment in which they can really excel in”.

Gill Banks, principal of Knowsley Community College said: “These additional professional skills programmes are a specialist addition to the A Level Academy offer.

“It helps to ensure that students can demonstrate to future employers and universities that they have what it takes to succeed in their careers by showcasing their academic ability and self-motivation through the academic A-level study and their knowledge and competency skills provided by the practical nature of the vocational, BTEC qualifications.”

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