A Magical Way To Boost Oracy, Self-Esteem And Social Skills

Established in 2008, Magic Skills For Schools is an innovative developmental programme that boosts communication skills. 

Magic is also great for confidence and self-esteem, and promotes social skills. The programme was designed by Robert Newgrosh, an award-winning trainer and a performing magician.

Magic Skills For Schools has helped around 1,200 children from over 50 schools, many with special educational needs. The programme achieves high impact in just weeks, with pupils well-motivated to participate.

The programme culminates with the children putting on entertaining shows for classmates and parents. 

This provides a tangible end-result and a real sense of achievement. For children who are quiet in class, below average academically or lacking in confidence, this can do wonders for their self-belief. 

The shows regularly produce gasps from the audience, which is further confirmation for a child that they really do have an amazing new talent.

After the shows, parents often comment how much the Magic Skills For Schools programme has helped their child. The children frequently use words such as ‘happy’, ‘proud’ and ‘confident’ when asked how it made them feel. 

Headteachers have provided numerous testimonials over the years, often surprised at how good the outcome has been for some children.

A key component in the programme’s effectiveness is that all the tricks are very high calibre – easy enough for a child to learn, but good enough to entertain and amaze friends and family. 

Based on professional card magic, including an incredible prediction effect, the methods and secrets taught ensure the children can perform confidently knowing they will not be outwitted. As well as great tricks, they also learn a range of fancy card displays, giving each child an impressive repertoire.

Whilst boosting oracy and self-esteem might be considered the two key benefits, magic is also very good for developing manual dexterity, memory, concentration and reasoning. 

In addition, it promotes presentation and social skills through the face-to-face contact inherent in close-up magic. It is an activity that utilises and develops so many different skills and makes the children feel really good about themselves…now that’s magic!

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