Adele Roberts

Even with the 4am start, Adele Roberts is in no doubt that she has the best job in the world:  the presenter of Radio 1’s Early Breakfast Show only wishes she could go back and show her teenage self what she’s doing now…

Her CV starts with a job collecting glasses in a Southport nightclub in 1995 at the age of 16. After hours, when everybody had gone home, Adele would slip onto the decks and teach herself to DJ.

Her first stint on radio was at a student station in Leeds, playing a hybrid of dance, club classics, RnB and HipHop. Whilst at the University, she also secured a residency at legendary house club, SpeedQueen – where she is resident DJ to this day.

Adele is also appearing at this year’s Liverpool International Music Festival (LIMF) which takes place at various locations across Liverpool 21 – 24 July. LIMF will see the likes of Sigma, Lianne La Havas, The Buzzcocks, Giles Peterson, Yousef and many more play across the duration. Visit

My schools:
Due to moving around a lot when I was younger I went to a lot of different schools but the main ones were Farnborough Road School in Southport, Ormskirk C of E and Merchant Taylor’s School for Girls in Crosby.

My favourite teacher:
I don’t really think I could pick just one. Good teachers are worth their weight in gold! The things they teach you stay with you for life. Thank you to all the amazing teachers who’ve inspired me.

Favourite subject at school:
I loved science and my favourite was chemistry.

Were you streetwise or a bit of a geek?
I was a bit of both!

My favourite childhood band/singer:
Michael Jackson. I feel so lucky that I got the chance to see him perform at Aintree. Thank you for taking me Dad!

My favourite extra-curricular activity:
Football. It’s fantastic to see how well established women’s football is now and it’s growing all the time. I remember being in a match with a girl who was the best player I’d ever played against! Both boys and girls. After the match I found out her name, it’s Sue Smith.

My favourite book:
I don’t really read as much as I should but I think my favourite book is Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte.

Do you remember your first school crush?
No, I feel bad that I don’t! But I remember a boy called Michael proposing to me when we were six. I told him I’d have to ask my mum! Haha!

School dinners:
Loved school dinners! Always stayed around for seconds.

My ambitions at school:
I just wanted to make my mum and dad proud. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do but I’m glad that I got to work with music.

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