Amanda Oates – executive director of workforce, Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust

Amanda was appointed to Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust in August 2013, initially as a non voting member of the board, prior to her appointment in January 2015 as executive director of workforce.

She has previous experience as HR director at two other NHS trusts and as board director since 2008. She delivered significant improvements in HR and L&D and led the team to win the national HR team of the year at the 2013 HPMA Awards at the Walton Centre NHS FT.

Amanda spearheaded a regional Health and Wellbeing initiative through the development of the NHS Games, and gained recognition both regionally, winning the Health and Wellbeing Leader Award at the NHS Leadership Academy Awards in 2012, and nationally, as the HR Director of the Year 2018 at the HPMA awards in 2018. She joined the NHS in 1998 from the private sector as a graduate trainee.

Amanda is also a member of the Quality Committee and the People Committee.

My schools:
Christ Church Primary School in Aughton and Maghull High School, Merseyside.

My favourite teacher:
I’ve never really had a one favourite teacher, although I did like and admire a few. As you get older, you respect the profession more – and schools are doing a really amazing job right now!

My favourite subject at school:
English Literature.

Were you streetwise or a bit of a geek?
I was neither! Definitely not a geek, neither was I streetwise, I was always very obedient at school, although in all my school reports they always said “I talked too much”, some things never change!

My favourite childhood singer/band:
Too many to mention, growing up I was influenced by music my parents listed to and I still love. If I had to pick some it would be Whitney Houston, Prince and Lionel Richie.

My favourite extra-curricular activity:
Dance and drama which I attended a couple of times a week.

Do you remember your first school crush?
Yes I do, but he didn’t attend my school!

My favourite book:
Pride and Prejudice, which I have read a few times throughout my life and has influenced my love of period dramas. Professionally my favourite book is “Just Culture” by Professor Sidney Dekker which has had the biggest impact on my professional career. I’d urge all leaders and managers to seek out his work.

School dinners:
I was never a fussy eater so enjoyed my school dinners! My favourite at primary school was always the desserts, chocolate pudding with mint custard I recall was simply amazing!

My ambitions at school:
When I was younger my aspirations were to have a career in the entertainment industry in some description, as I got older I wanted to do something to help people and when I was placed in Human Resources during my Graduate Training Scheme, I never left!

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