Archbishop Blanch foodbank appeal hailed a success

Archbishop Blanch C of E High School held another successful foodbank appeal which they run in partnership with Micah Liverpool which is the joint project run by the Diocese of Liverpool and Archdiocese of Liverpool.

The school focus on providing those in need with the essentials that so many of us take for granted, including hygiene and sanitary products that hard pressed families are struggling to afford.

On the final week of term everyone in the school community was asked to bring in an easter egg which could then be donated to a child in the city who would otherwise not receive anything on this most important of Christian festivals. As always, staff, pupils and families have responded to the appeal and have donated 378 chocolate eggs that will now be distributed across our city.

Micah’s executive director, Paul O’Brien was overwhelmed by the generosity of the school community when he arrived to collect the donation and told the school that Micah assists approximately 280 people per week but that due to holiday poverty he expects that number to rise to over 300 over the easter break.

The donation means that every single person who visits a Micah foodbank in the city will receive one of the eggs.

Mr Jason McLaren, head of religious studies at Archbishop Blanch, said: “Unfortunately, we cannot solve the problem of poverty in our city but hopefully the generosity of our school community will ensure that the burden is eased a little over the next few weeks.

“We will continue to run our foodbank next term and we would love every member of our school community to commit to donating one item every week, however small, so that we can make a big contribution to help people through the long and difficult summer holidays when families are under even more financial pressure than normal.

“We thank you all for your generosity and hope you will continue to support us in this worthwhile cause”.

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