Bank of England Governor message to Alsop students

Alsop students began their term with a surprising inspirational letter from Mr Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England. Mr Carney wrote to thank and inspire students after his visit to Alsop High School during November 2017.

During the visit, arranged through the Speakers for Schools Programme, Mr Carney had spoken to Alsop students about the workings of the Bank of England and the British economy.

Mr Carney said:

“I would like to thank you for hosting and inspiring me last November. During my visit, I was tremendously impressed by the depth and breadth of the talent in the school, by your openness and enthusiasm, and by your engagement and energy. Most fundamentally, I was touched by your commitment to building an economy that works for everyone.

“You can do it by continuing to work hard at your studies, even if some subjects, at times, seem a little boring or abstract, the discipline will help you later in life.

“You can do it by picking opportunities that help you learn and grow as a person.

“You can do it by following your passions wherever possible (whether in art, science, literature, maths, music, sport or even ….. economics!) in my experience those who do are the most successful and happy.

“…. and you can do it by retaining the sense of community and purpose that I saw when I came to Alsop.

With all best wishes for a bright future,
Mark Carney

During his visit students spoke to Mr Carney about how the wealth of the UK is not shared fairly, and the poverty faced by the increasing numbers of people who are using Trussell Trust.

They also spoke about the “Common Good Schools” pilot at Alsop, developed in partnership with Together for the Common Good. Students told Mr Carney they want to see an economy that benefits everyone, not just the privileged few. They reaffirmed their belief that they can help create a new human economy to foster a better and fairer society.

Headteacher, Mr Mangan said: “This letter took our school community by surprise. We are delighted that Mr Carney has taken the time to write this letter.

“Mr Carney has highlighted that our students ‘can do it’.

“We are pleased that he was tremendously impressed by the depth and breadth of the talent at Alsop and he was touched by our students’ commitment to building an economy that works for everyone.”

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