Barefoot for charity

Twenty-three schools from Southport and surrounding areas encouraged their children to go home barefoot at the end of the school year to help provide school shoes for children in poorer parts of the World.

The initiative was organised by Southport Learning Partnership, a co-operative of Southport schools who work together on a wide variety of initiatives and projects.

Not only did schools from across the town take part, but also schools from outside the area heard about the appeal and joined in.

Children took off their school shoes at the end of the day and left barefoot as a symbol of support for children across the world who go to school in barefoot each day. The children’s shoes were then collected, bagged and will be transported to the Sal’s Shoes charity who will distribute them to areas of the world where the shoes can be used again.

Approximately 5000 pairs of shoes have been collected and can now have a second life helping a child elsewhere go to school in shoes. Free transport has been provided from Southport to Sal’s Shoes in Redhill, Surrey by AnyVan Ltd who have been great partners of this charity.

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