Belvedere celebrates International Women’s Day 2022

From challenging gender stereotypes to celebrating women’s achievements, every year The Belvedere Academy recognises this historic day.  

The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day at Belvedere was #BreakTheBias, so the academy spent time encouraging teachers and students to discuss what bias is, increasing awareness, and taking steps toward gender equality.  

Year group assemblies were held throughout the day with form activities encouraging pupils to speak out in favour of a world that embraces and celebrates diversity without discrimination.  

In the outer hall pupils were asked to nominate an inspirational female, whether a mum, librarian, YouTuber, friend or political leader and write their name on a section of bunting, coloured yellow or blue, in solidarity with the women of Ukraine. 

Abi Cox, mental health co-ordinator at Belvedere, said: “It was a great opportunity to see the wide-ranging nominations made by our pupils and recognise the diversity of women they are inspired by.” 

Emily Morris and Kshamya Mittal, Y13 mental health ambassadors, both spoke of how recognising female role models is beneficial in empowering students to fight for equality. Their roles within the school have enabled them to raise awareness of the fact that we all have mental health, and promote ways for everyone to look after their own. 

Abi said: “It was a colourful and inspiring day with much on which to celebrate and reflect.” 

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