Bickerstaffe brings hope to the community

Bickerstaffe CE School has always been at the centre of its local community. The school prides itself on the well-established links that have been nurtured and developed over the past 175 years! This includes Treat Day, the weekly Knit and Knatter club or monthly Holy Communion Services. 

Before the pandemic hit, weekly visitors from the community were a regular occurrence in school, with residents coming in to share their favourite story, discuss their youth during World War II or pass on their impressive knitting skills. This all changed in March last year. 

Due to the vulnerable nature of the local community and the national lockdowns, friendships that had grown were cut short. 

Recently children in Year 5 approached their headteacher about reaching out to their friends to let them know that they are still here and looking forward to seeing them again. 

The children organised for each class to make personalised cards and a small group of pupils and staff visited the local residents in Bickerstaffe village with a yellow rose and a huge smile, excited to see their pals once again. 

One local resident said: “Seeing the children once again has brightened my day.” 

The children were especially thrilled when they were rewarded with ice creams. 

Miss Kirstin O’Kane, Bickerstaffe headteacher, said: “I’ve been very touched by the thoughtfulness of our pupils. It has been an extremely hard year for everyone, but our children continue to be kind, compassionate citizens who are determined to nurture friendships.  

“We have truly missed our local community and the knowledge they have to offer us and can’t wait until we can once again welcome them back into school, hopefully, in the near future.” 

Bickerstaffe CE Primary School is nestled in the picturesque village of Bickerstaffe, which is on the outskirts of Ormskirk, Rainford and Kirkby with close links to the M58 and M6.

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