Blueberry Park goes international

There has been a lot going on at Blueberry Park Primary thanks to a generous Erasmus+ grant, one of the highest ever received by a primary school.

The grant will help staff and children to benefit from vibrant and international activities and enhanced language provision.

Joanna Burkot, international lead and modern foreign language teacher, said: “It is all about igniting the love of languages and travel.

“We are committed to giving our children, across the school, the opportunity to learn French to the highest standard, therefore we had put a bid for the EU funding, that would increase language competences of our support staff.

“The staff travelled to France, to Rouen and Angers, for a week-long immersion course combined with rich cultural program. We have also had teachers who spent a week job shadowing and sharing good practice at Alain Savary School in Montpellier. It all has brought a great inspiration to the whole community.”

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