Caldies in bloom

Plans were put in place early in the year at Calderstones School to create artwork that would give year round colour and interest to their green corner.

Pebble painting and clay butterfly workshops were planned and came to fruition with the support of their art and religious studies departments.

Mrs Stacey Stokoe led the art activities after school and guided their eco leaders to create something beautiful for outdoor decoration. Miss Juliet Lancaster and Mr Jamie Sparkes held assemblies about the butterfly project which raises awareness of lives lost in the holocaust and enlisted students to make clay butterflies that have recently been painted ready to hang on the walls alongside the allotment.

The results have been fantastic and were installed in the green corner.

The school were delighted to be the first school to have some art work by artist Paul Curtis on site after cheekily approaching Paul to ask would he consider painting something for the school in their school garden – he was well up for the challenge! Student, Emma Taylor Johnson, said: “On a chilly, grey day in February Paul came and assessed the schools weather-beaten allotment and walled garden and decided that he could definitely help them brighten it up. Pupils discussed ideas, and very much wanted to create something in keeping with the wildflower meadow and our native species.

“Paul’s design ideas were bold and dramatic, but it was the poppies design that seemed the perfect choice. “Paul worked long hours painting a stunning mural that can be seen across the school site.

“Students who previously had no idea where the green corner was could now see it waving it’s bright, bold flag across Calder Field enticing them to come and take a closer look.”

The school now hope that Paul’s mural, along with our in house art installations, will engage more students to get outdoors and get involved in their eco activities and realise that they may find a niche for themselves.

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