Celebration of achievements

Greenbank College celebrated the end of term and the achievements of its students at an event attended by local councillor Laura Robertson-Collins and James Roberts.

This included an opportunity for departmental tutors to select a student from their department, based on progression, academic achievement during 2016/17, overcoming barriers to learning and other achievements.

This year there were 15 award categories available and each nominee received a certificate and £20 gift voucher.

The overall Greenbank College Student of the Year 2017, was selected by a panel from the departmental winners, as Hayder Hameed.

Education and curriculum manager, Anne Kinsella said: “It’s been a really successful year for our students and it’s lovely to get everyone together at the end of term to celebrate what’s been achieved.

“Congratulations to our award winners and thanks to all students, staff and volunteers for their hard work throughout the year.

“I really enjoyed the event and it was so nice to witness how supportive everyone is of each other.”

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