Centre forges links

Liverpool’s Recycling Discovery Centre has teamed up with a children’s charity to inspire young people to learn more about their impact on our environment.

The Recycling Discovery Centre, run by resource management company Veolia in partnership with MRWA, has become an official learning destination for the Children’s University.

The charity’s ‘Passport to Learning’ programme encourages youngsters to collect points if they take part in activities and workshops at the Gillmoss site in Liverpool. Once enough points are earned, children will be awarded a certificate and take part in a graduation ceremony at a nearby university.

Veolia’s education officer Kirsty Martin said: “We are really pleased to be working with the Children’s University. Each year over 70% of our visitors are children and young people so to be able help them achieve this award is fabulous news for us.”

“We offer a range of hands-on and lively learning experiences for visitors. From our walkway children also get a bird’s eye view of how their recycling is sorted and separated into new resources in our state of the art materials recovery facility”.

John McBride from the Children’s University said: “It is great that we are working together with Veolia to encourage children to try new experiences, develop new interests and acquire new skills through participation in their learning activities”.

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