Charlotte is America bound

A student at Reaseheath College has won a prestigious internship at the world’s leading equine breeding and research centre.

Charlotte Woolley, 21, who is in the final year of her BSc (Hons) Equine Science, will spend three months this summer working at the Virginia Tech State University, USA. The university specialises in breeding and producing top quality sports horses.

Charlotte will be trained in veterinary techniques and will help with research into nutrition, reproduction and parasitology. She will also help to prepare young stock for the show ring.

The internship is offered through the British Equestrian Federation and is open to all veterinary related institutions in Britain.

Charlotte was judged to be the top candidate after writing a 3000 word paper on equine obesity and discussing its welfare implications.

Aiming to be a veterinary research scientist, she says: “This is a very exciting opportunity and perfect preparation for my future career.”

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