Echo editor praises Alsop High School

Alsop High School recently welcomed Alastair Machray the Liverpool Echo editor to their school.

Alastair began his day meeting students at Alsop were he told students to “be proud and carry on the amazing work” of the school which has served north Liverpool for 100 years, he then met representatives of the student council for breakfast and then gave an inspirational talk, to a packed hall, about his career in journalism.

He outlined the highlights of his career and his 14 years as editor-in-chief of the Liverpool Echo. Students were able to ask questions and Alastair spoke honestly and movingly about his life as a newspaper editor.

During his visit, Mr Machray watched the new promotional film, which depicts life at Alsop. Media And Digital, who worked with the school council, produced the film, “More than a school”. The film highlights Alsop is a school, which reaches out and has community at its core.

Mr Machray said: “Alsop is not just a school in the community but a school leading a community”; he also referred to the number of students that had used Alsop as a launch pad into university and successful careers. He spoke about former Alsopian, Sam Carroll, Liverpool Echo digital live sports reporter.

Mr Machray said: “Congratulations to Alsop High School upon reaching your centenary year. Visiting Alsop always inspires me…and it’s hard to inspire a gnarled and grizzled old newspaper editor. You are a rock for your community in an often-tempestuous sea. Be proud and carry on the amazing work.”

The visit of Mr Machray was one of a programme of events to commemorate the centenary of the school. The school are hosting the “Alsop Grand Reunion” of former students and staff on Friday 12 July and on Saturday 13 July; Alsop will hold “The Alsop Great Get Together” for current students, parents and community members.

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