Enjoy a safe music festival online

Some of the world’s most exciting modern female talents in music have come together to create a safe music festival experience that the world will remember as a positive memory for 2020. 

Generation Worldwide is a festival series of prerecorded intimate performances by future and current icons in the music industry.  

From the comfort of your classroom or home, you can watch and discover artists from over 20 countries, all coming together to support women in music and to celebrate people all over the world. 

The free online festival experience starts today and includes British pop punk musician Girli, Puerto Rican Grammy winning songwriter (alongside D’Angelo) Gina Fuego, Billboard number 1 Jazz album artist Aubrey Logan, British platinum artist Karen Harding and more; alongside some of the world’s greatest new talents from Liverpool, Florida, New Zealand, Detroit, New York, LA, Texas, India, Sweden, Namibia, China, Mexico, and more. 

Generation W started in the UK last year as a book that featured 100 inspiring British women answering the same 10 questions about living through 100 years since women began to receive the vote in the UK.  

Women writing in the book include Sally Gunnell, the only female athlete to hold Gold at Olympic, World, Commonwealth and European level at the same time; Mandu Reid, the leader of the Women’s Equality Party and the first ever Black leader of a political party in the UK; Amika George, a teenager who changed a British law from a petition started in her bedroom; Maya Ghazal, a refugee from Syria who is now an aviation student; Helen Pankhurst, the great-granddaughter of leading suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst; Dr Averil Mansfield, NHS Lifetime Award winner and the first British female professor of surgery; Dame Carol Black, a former principal at Cambridge University and many more. 

50% of the 2020 proceeds fromGeneration W will be donated to Women’s Aid UK, a domestic abuse charity. 

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