Exceptional school attendance rewarded

Pupils who have never had a day off during either primary or secondary school have been presented with a special award for exceptional attendance at Liverpool Town Hall.

A total of 25 pupils who had achieved 100% attendance for a whole phase of their education: five had attended every day for the whole of their primary schooling and 20 for the whole of secondary. One of these pupils has not missed a day of school since she started in reception!

The event was organised by Liverpool Learning Partnership, School Improvement Liverpool and the Families Programme.

Elaine Rees, CEO of Liverpool Learning Partnership said: “As a city, we are working across a wide partnership to improve school attendance. This event allows us to celebrate those children and young people and indeed their parents and carers who get up every day and get into school.

“This year, for the first time, we also awarded 19 young people a certificate and vouchers for their hugely improved attendance”.

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