Free advertising and communications training course open

On Friday, international communications network M&C Saatchi opened its applications for a free online training course.

The course is called ‘Open House’, and is open to anyone looking for a career in advertising and communications; whether that be students looking to start their career, people who want a break in the industry or parents going back to work. 

Open House will take place from 7 September 2022, and will last for seven weeks. People over 16 can register.

Each week, key speakers will share their specialist knowledge and experience through online lessons. 

Participants will receive a certificate at the end of the programme and will have the opportunity to work on a live brief with the prospect of being shortlisted for a future role at M&S Saatchi.

The training course will cover a range of activities within advertising and communications.

Week one will have a Q&A panel, talking to people who work in strategy, production, PR, creative and account handling roles about their experiences.

Week two will explore the fundamentals of corporate innovation; what it is, common myths around the topic and how, with the right tools, anyone can become an innovator.

Week three will focus on how to engage meaningfully with customers using data, design and creativity to add value to make every joinery touchpoint useful and rewarding. 

During week four, participants will work in teams to come up with and craft ideas that transform brands

Week five will teach participants how brands can use the power of consumer passions to build meaningful connections with their audiences, such as influencers and PR.

Week six will demonstrate the art of conversation and will explore how to have meaningful conversations through editorial and social to influence the power of brands.

Week seven, the final week, is optional, and will aid participants in getting a job in advertising. The highly practical session will cover how to write a CV, prepare for an interview or assessment, and improve presentation skills.

It will also provide preparation for the assessment day for those wishing to apply for job at M&C Saatchi Group at the end of the programme.

To register for Open House 2022, click here

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